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Podfest 2020:
Promo Video

Podfest 2019:
Opening Key Note

Podfest 2019 Geo-Local Panel: What are the Advantages?



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Hispanic Radio Conference 2019:

Clip 1 – Jaime Introduces Herself and Explains Florida Podcast Network

Clip 2 – How Often You Should be Podcasting

Clip 3 – How Podcasting Can Extend the Brand of a Host

Clip 4 – Podcast Advertising

Clip 5 – How Long a Podcast Should Be

Clip 6 – Where to Host Your Podcast

Podfest 2019:

Hosting FB Lives as Ambassadors Before the Event

Jaime Legagneur and Glenn the Geek hosting a series of Facebook Live Podfest Previews over the next couple of weeks. Our goal is to meet some of the Podfest speakers and learn something along the way.Up first this week is Special Guest Bob Caporale, founder of Strategy Generation Company, who will discuss the importance of market segmentation and how it can help you to both focus and grow your podcast.Podfest Multimedia Expo is coming up soon, for all the details visit https://podfestexpo.com/.

Posted by Florida Podcasters Association on Friday, January 11, 2019

Main Stage
Opening Key Note

Geo-Local Panel Clip 1 – What are the Advantages?

Geo-Local Panel Clip 2 – Local Advertising

Geo-Local Panel Clip 3 – Maintaining Authenticity of Branded Content

Geo-Local Panel Clip 4 – How Much to Charge for Sponsorships and Advertising

Geo-Local Panel Clip 5 – Local Sponsors for Segments

Other Past Speaking Engagements

Lesson on Show Structure Basics from Jaime

June 04, 2019

International Podcast Day – Jaime Speaks About the Florida Podcasting Scene

September 30, 2017

Jaime’s IGNITE Presentation Video – Podcast Movement 2017

September 25, 2017

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