Sample Ads

Samples of Host-Read Ads and Sponsored Content

Send your brand straight to our targeted listeners’ ears through ads and host-read commercial spots.

With this option, you can be strategic while still reaching the largest share of our audiences!

  • Variety of content options
  • Portfolio of shows to mix and match to your ad preferences
  • Different plans for different budgets
  • Reach our local, niche audiences

Pre-Produced Ads

Our pre-produced ads...

are voiced by our professional personalities who deliver your brand’s message to the audience who knows them. Our listeners are just the Florida-focused niches you are looking to target–whether for travel services, local business, or …***…

Our team...

will help you craft the strong ad copy to spur the action you are aiming for. We will help you find a great music bed to pair it with to really drive your message home. Or, you can simply choose our Network’s default track.

Sample a few...

host-read ads below and let us know how we can make your brand part of

The Voice of Florida!

Ad Samples Read by Our Hosts and Professional Voice Over Artists

Mainline Marketing

Mainline Marketing,<br />

The Direct Towing App

The Direct Towing App,<br />
Delray Beach

The de Moya Foundation

The de Moya Foundation,<br />

Gamertag Radio

Gamertag Radio,<br />

Le’Anns Cheesecakes

Le'Anns Cheesecakes,<br />
Tampa Bay

Pizza Girls

The Pizza Girls,<br />
West Palm Beach

Troy Giovengo Electric

TG Electrical,<br />
Boca Raton

Episode Content

Florida's travel and tourism industries...

are BOOMING, and our hosts and producers are always on the lookout for the next great restaurant, hotel, local attraction, or service to make a part of their show!

Our talent...

can showcase your brand as a special segment on a show or incorporate it naturally into their current content deliveries.

Sample some...

sponsored episode content below and hear how our Network can spotlight your brand as

a feature on a podcast episode!

Episode Content Samples

The de Moya Foundation, Miami

Charity Sample<br />
The de Moya Foundation<br />
Florida Beer Podcast, Episode 56

Le Meridien, Tampa Bay

Hotel Sample<br />
Le Meridien, Tampa Bay<br />
Finding Florida, Episode 7b

The Edison, Tallahassee

Restaurant Sample<br />
The Edison, Tallahassee<br />
Finding Florida, Episode 9c

Los Bocados, Broward

Restaurant Sample<br />
Los Bocados, Broward<br />
Finding Florida, Episode 10b

The Blueberry Muffin, Indialantic

Restaurant Sample<br />
The Blueberry Muffin, Indialantic<br />
Finding Florida, Episode 11b

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