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ANNOUNCEMENT: Glenn the Geek Officially Joins the Florida Podcast Network Team!!

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We are SO proud to FINALLY announce that Glenn the Geek is officially a member of the Florida Podcast Network Team!

As many may know, Glenn and Jaime first met back at Podfest in 2017 and instantly hit it off. Glenn is the founder of the Horse Radio Network, a legend in the industry, and an icon of podcast networks and Florida podcasting.

After a period of time as her mentor, Glenn hired Jaime as the Production Coordinator for HRN and soon after was gracious enough to join in on her live broadcast for International Podcast Day.

Then, Glenn and Jaime had the crazy idea of teaming up and starting a podcast together! Thus, was born Finding Florida in October 2017:

Finding Florida is the podcast that takes you “from Country to Coast.”  Join your tour guides (an unlikely pair), City Girl Jaime (“Jemmy”) and Country Boy Glenn, as they explore the amazing sights and sounds of the Sunshine State.
This podcast is an interactive experience for the listeners as we want your help in planning and joining us on our adventures. Then, go find YOUR Florida adventure!


Visit the Podcast's Site...

Hear our introductory episode!

This is a truly unique travel adventure show that brings you along for the ride, figuratively and literally.

The future’s so bright…!

Jaime and Glenn have since presented this last February at Podfest 2018 together on the topic of Launching and Growing a Geo-Local Podcast and grown their show, Finding Florida, in to a quick local sensation. And, all along behind the scenes, Glenn has been a constant well-spring of feedback, ideas, and support as the Network has taken its first steps and grown.

But, now, as the Network is poised to take off in a HUGE way, Jaime could have no better podcaster and friend on board than Glenn. So, WELCOME, GLENN!!!

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