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Founder Jaime Legagneur to Appear on Suzanne Boyd’s Other Show, Rise + Live!

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A fun invitation from People of Palm Beach Host, Suzanne Boyd!

Watch Jaime on Suzanne’s Rise + Live!

This Friday, the 18th, FPN Founder, Jaime, be appearing on Suzanne Boyd’s other show, Rise + Live. On Florida Podcast Network, we are so jazzed to have Suzanne Boyd (formerly of CBS 12) host People of Palm Beach. But, through HER production company, Suzanne Boyd Productions, she has a show called Rise + Live with her former news coanchor, Eric Roby. It airs every Friday morning on Facebook. And, Jaime be on there this Friday, October 18th, at 9am talking about Florida Podcast Network and the debut of People of Florida. And, Jaime will be brining along with her Mystic Michaela, who is the guest on the show’s debut episode (and also a podcast client of hers at Flint Stone Media), and she is going to do a reading on Suzanne and Eric. So, it should be a LOT of fun.

Just go to RiseAnd.Live to check us out on there this Friday, October 18th, at 9am!

UPDATE: Watch Jaime and her guest from People of Florida’s debut episode, Mystic Michaela, on Rise + Live:

(starts at 49:30)


EPISODE 18: We're are LIVE for a full hour! #norules This week Roby shocks the cast of the new Wick Theatre performance of Hot Shoe Shuffle with his audition ending. This week's Can We Do It is a MUST SEE! It's also playtime! The Toy Insider is here with the hottest toys this holiday season and just WAIT until you see the toy we're all OBSESSED with! Audio Sal is in the house getting the party started! #JOINUS

Posted by Rise+Live with Roby and Suze on Friday, October 18, 2019


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