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Florida Beer Podcast Host Dave Butler Featured in Forbes Magazine

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An excellent feature from writer, Gary Stoller!

David Butler’s Florida Beer Blog has been recently featured in Forbes Magazine!

David’s been doing his Florida Beer Blog for 5 years now. Or, you may recognize him from having been a Roaming Reporter on Finding Florida episode 19a. Now, you can check out Butler’s favorite craft breweries and his comments about each!

I know you’re going to love him as much as we have. And, if you are interested in being involved in the Florida Beer Podcast as a guest or a sponsor, please feel free to reach out for more information on how to get your brand in front of FPN’s audience of thousands. Email me at Jaime@FloridaPodcastNetwork.com or head to FloridaPodcastNetwork.com/FloridaBeerPodcast.

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A Bit of Dave’s Shared Story:

“Nowadays, the same people who were laughing at the Sunshine State and how slow it was to join the craft beer game are clamoring for bottles from places like Funky Buddha, J. Wakefield, Angry Chair and others,” says Butler who writes the Florida Beer Blog.


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