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People of Palm Beach Host Suzanne Boyd Featured in Palm Beach Post by Leslie Gray Streeter

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An excellent article from reporter, Leslie Gray Streeter!

Photo credit: Suzanne Boyd

Florida Podcast Network host, Suzanne Boyd, made a brave and life-altering decision at the end of 2018 by leaving behind a highly-deserved firm foothold in the local television news media. Palm Beach Post reporter, Leslie Gray Streeter, features Suzanne’s story–one of grit and guts–in a special article celebrating Mother’s Day. Read about what the final determining factor was in Suzanne’s decision to not renew her CBS-12 contract.

Suzanne is, of course, now pursuing a career as an independent content creator and hasn’t looked back, creating Suzanne Boyd Productions and starting with her show, “What Your Friends Won’t Tell You,” with therapist and social worker Shannon Thompson Jones. And, she soon followed with developing her own podcast with us here on the Florida Podcast Network, People of Palm Beach. (Full disclosure: the writer of the article quoted herein has been a past guest). And, if you follow her on social media, you’ll see she’s also hosting events for local charities and other organizations.  She’s so great at getting to the heart of other people’s stories. Dive into HERstory, with Leslie Gray Streeter of the Palm Beach Post.

Suzanne, we are so happy to have you as a host!!

A Bit of Suzanne’s Shared Story:

I was so tired…I belonged to the public. I needed to belong to my kids.”

So last September, spurred by changes in the industry, issues in her station’s parent company and the inescapable knowledge of what she was missing, Boyd walked away from television.

“Now I have freedom. I have the freedom to be a mom, to put my kids to bed, to wake them up, to be able to pick them up. If Trace is doing a reading in chapel in the morning at school, I can do that, too.”

“I love it,” Laine says. “It’s way better to have her here when we wake up.”

Happy Mother’s Day, Everybody!


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