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Florida Weekly News Features Florida Podcast Network Shows and Hosts as “Pod People”

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We were SO thrilled to get a call from Florida Weekly’s Fort Myers reporter, Evan Williams, interested in featuring Florida Podcast Network in their article on podcasts out of our State–to affectionately be called “Pod People.” After founder, Jaime, told Evan all about their shows and realized he was located so close to where Beach Talk Radio broadcasts live on Saturdays, Evan went down and checked out the Ryans–even sitting down for an interview with them live on the beach!

And, Evan was also kind enough to interview Jaime’s 10 year-old mentee, Izzy of Reporting Live Podcast.

See excerpts from the article on each of Florida Podcast Network’s shows below, along with a special mention of little Izzy!


Thank you for the great article, Florida Weekly!


Finding Florida and the Florida Podcast Network:

We see the Florida Podcast Network as the place for when people want to go get information about Florida, when they’re planning a trip here, when they’re moving here,” [Ms. Legagneur] said. “That’s my goal. I want that to be the legacy that I leave behind. I want to know that I’ve contributed to Florida’s media space in a very powerful way by building up this podcast network.”

At a recent major podcasters’ convention in Orlando, she sat on a panel that discussed the trend toward “geolocal” podcasts that included people from Salt Lake City, Philadelphia and Tampa.

“Podcasting, there’s such a low barrier to entry,” she said. “A lot of people are discovering that for a vehicle and a platform for their voices to be heard.”

Ms. Legagneur and Glenn the Geek also air “Florida Podcasting News,” which reports on inside information on the podcasting industry.

Beach Talk Radio:

On Fort Myers Beach at Pete’s Time Out each Saturday morning, Kim Ryan and Ed Ryan stir the pot with their “Beach Talk Radio” podcast.”

Mr. Ryan is a “radio rat from back in the day.” He used to host a program out of Oneonta, N.Y., where he met his spouse and co-host. She is an occupational therapist and he is editor of Radio Ink Magazine. They started the podcast about six months ago.

Mr. Ryan has long been known as a community advocate who was named Florida Weekly’s “Best Rabble Rouser” in 2010 for his online paper, The Gateway Gazette. He’s been outspoken on many topics from dog parks to local political candidates and his support for them, or not.

People of Palm Beach:

In Palm Beach County, “People of Palm Beach” debuted in February. It features conversations with local personalities hosted by Suzanne Boyd, a TV news veteran, talk show creator, branding expert, mom and yogi.

Reporting Live Podcast:

When was the last time you saw life through the eyes of a 10-year-old? Izzy Jerome will tell you about it on her weekly, 15-minute “Reporting Live Podcast” that debuts this week.

She made adjustments as she learned, finding that balance between interview preparation and natural, flowing conversation that requires attention from new and old hands alike. Her advice to potential new podcasters:

“Practice, practice, practice.”

And, she now prepares for shows by writing out bullet points and expanding on them — allowing her own natural voice to come through — rather than typing up a script.

Izzy aims to give kids a voice, something they can relate to, both with her podcast and in the future.

We were all so proud to be part of this article, Florida Weekly… Thank you!


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