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News that Keeps You on the Inside of Florida’s Podcasting Industry

On the Florida Podcasting News Show, hosts Jaime (“Jemmy”) Legagneur and Glenn the Geek share the news that keeps YOU on the inside of Florida’s podcasting industry.

Aside from being just another how-to-podcast show, this show will discuss more of the business side of podcasting, keeping you posted on tools and trends and bringing you as many opportunities and exclusives as they can scrounge up.

Not only will Jaime and Glenn update you with the latest in general podcasting news, but they’ll be diving specifically into Florida‘s podcasting industry and influencers, sharing announcements from Florida Podcast Network, and closing out each episode with a final tip from one of them.

Thanks for joining in!


Joins Saturday, February 15th!

Jaime and Glenn are not only co-conspirators in building the Florida Podcast Network, but are also cohosts on (now) two shows and coworkers at Horse Radio Network, which Glenn founded in 2008. Jaime founded her company, Flint Stone Media, in 2010, which now serves as a podcast and website production house.

They met at Podfest in 2017, and the idea for the Network and their first show, Finding Florida, was born soon after. Together, they have over 15 years experience, have launched over 30 shows, and have produced over 8,000 episodes. They are regularly asked to speak at various events and conferences on a wide variety of podcasting-related topics.

They are so thrilled to officially launch their own second show on the Network, so everyone can pick their brains on a more regular basis! Learn more about Jaime and Glenn…


Visit the Podcast's Page...

We'll post their pilot episode here when released!

They have YEARS of experience, and it’s about time they help YOU navigate the business of podcasting.


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  • Jean G Legagneur Sr. (Papi)

    JAIME and Glenn, you guys are rocking!!! Congratulations. Wishing you a lot of success for this second show.

    • Jaime ("Jemmy") Legagneur

      Thank you so much! We are very excited to see the Florida podcasting industry and community growing. We appreciate your support so much!!

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