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It’s never too late for a fresh start. And, though the Eggheads After Hours Podcast has been on hiatus since November, fans can now relish in their relaunch! Jaime, Kate, and Aaron, are BACK with a new show format, better segments, and a higher production quality overall.

Welcome their return to the podcasting scene with their latest episode below about Snapchat, live streaming, and new writing technology. If you are a fan of business, innovation, and using tech to propel your goals, consider subscribing in iTunes and becoming a listener!

Welcome to this relaunch episode of the Eggheads After Hours Podcast where the Eggheads–Aaron, Kate, and Jaime–get into the decline of Snapchat. Is it all an illusion or is the writing on the wall? We are so happy to crack these mics open again and relaunch this podcast for you fresher and better than ever. We’re still all about the tech, of course. It’s just now a monthly magazine show presented in more focused segments for your consuming pleasure. So, the three of us will each have our own segments and then gather around to talk about our joint topic–which today is Snapchat. Aaron also talks about Snapchat in his segment, which gives a great bookend to the group discussion. Kate talks live streaming, and my segment discusses a pretty “remarkable” new tech tool for writers.

So, let’s get this relaunch on and poppin’!!

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And, now enjoy this relaunch episode of the Eggheads–Snap, Crackle, Pop!!

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