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FL Podcasting News – Episode 18: Tools Making Podcasting More Mainstream, People of Florida Debut, and Interviewing Tips

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News that Keeps You on the Inside of Florida’s Podcasting Industry!

We’ll be talking about one of our favorite people in the Florida podcasting scene who recently celebrated his birthday by becoming an author. In General News, we’ll talk about how common tools are making podcasting even more mainstream, reveal some new podcasting terminology, and give you an update on the International Podcast Association. Then, we’ll celebrate some exciting FPN milestones (including a brand new FPN show!) and end with helpful interviewing tips. Listen in…

Florida Podcasting News Episode 18:

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Florida News Link #1: Chris Krimitsos wrote a book!

Florida News #2: Podfest releases a promo featuring the FPN team!

General News Link #1: Alexa will sync with your favorite podcast and on-demand audio apps

General News Link #2: International Podcast Association

General News Link #3: Advertisers Continue To Eye Podcasts

General News Link #4: Spark Christian Podcast Conference

FPN News Link #1: Florida Beer Podcast Host Dave Butler featured in Forbes Magazine

FPN News Link #2: Debut of People of Florida!!

FPN News Link #3: Jaime to Appear on Suzanne Boyd’s OTHER Show, Rise + Live

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Host/Producer:  Jaime “Jemmy” Legagneur, Co-Host and Chief Enthusiasm officer: Jaime@FloridaPodcastNetwork.com

Host/Producer: Glenn the Geek, Co-Host and Chief Fun Officer: Glenn@FloridaPodcastNetwork.com

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