Podcasting Your Brand – Episode 32: Leaning into Podcasting Your Brand

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Building Your Brand Through the Power of Podcasting

Producer Jaime hones in the theme of this show, transitioning to Podcasting Your Brand–a show that will provide you with the learning lessons to podcast YOUR brand. And, she starts with some quick, but seriously powerful tips on how to build the foundation of a successful podcast. This sizzle reel of clips are from some of Producer Jaime’s various recent guest appearances on shows where she was invited to discuss podcasting and the journey of her career. Take notes on her quick run through of tips, as she touches on the correct order of a podcast launch, naming a podcast, the two technical pieces you need to submit your show to all the podcast players, and common mistakes that cause people to quit. Come learn from Producer Jaime’s extensive experience building brands through the power of podcasting! Remember: “The only thing more powerful than your voice is your spirit to use it.” So, turn that mic on…

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Remember: “The only thing more powerful than your voice is your spirit to use it.” So, turn that mic on. ~ Producer Jaime


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