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TECHxploration – Episode 10: Innovation Everywhere! NSU’s Alan B. Levan Center of Innovation is INCREDIBLE!

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Tech and Innovation Spaces Thriving Under the Florida Sun

First and foremost, we’ve gotta just say “WOW” on this episode. We start things off by diving into how Motorola is rolling out the most tech-forward camera and screen technology in all of cell phones. Then, the real innovation launches as we interview Dr. John Wensveen, the Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Director of the Alan B. Levan NSU Broward Center of Innovation — an incredible space for business development in South Florida … and beyond. What began as John’s vision has become an over $15 million facility with some of the most cutting-edge technology in the world, which is all available for entrepreneurs, inventors, and small business owners to benefit from. This amazing space is the hub of growth for countless businesses. Come discover with us!

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Hosts: Craig Brooks (CEO) and David Forman (COO) of Clarity Creative Group in Orlando, FL

Executive Producer: Jaime (“Jemmy”) Legagneur, Chief Enthusiasm Officer

Producer: Amber Amortegui, Lead Content Producer at Flint Stone Media

Guest: Dr. John Wensveen of Alan B. Levan NSU Broward Center of Innovation

Links: Levan Center Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube

News Link: Cell Phone Camera Technology is CRAZY… Motorola is Releasing a 200MP Camera

Tech Tip: Craig Brooks (TECHx co-host) | Genius Scan app

Voice Over Artist: Jorge Hernandez

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