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TECHxploration – Episode 15: Google Updates, TikTok’s AI-Art, and All Things Internet

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On this special edition of TECHxploration, we’re chatting about some of the latest tech headlines, and we even end the episode with fun things on the internet that are… no longer with us. But, before we say “goodbye” to Altavista’s search engine and website visit counters, we dive into Google’s new algorithm changes to minimize clickbait, security concerns via in-app browsers, IOS and Chrome’s necessary updates, AI Art technology, and how we connect to the internet as a whole. Lots of fun stuff from start to finish, so strap in for a wild technology ride!

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Hosts: Craig Brooks (CEO) and David Forman (COO) of Clarity Creative Group in Orlando, FL

Executive Producer: Jaime (“Jemmy”) Legagneur, Chief Enthusiasm Officer

Producer: Amber Amortegui, Lead Content Producer at Flint Stone Media

TECHx News Roundup!

Headline 1: Google’s Latest Algorithm Update

Headline 2: In-App Browser Tracking

Headline 3: Google Chrome Update

Headline 4: Connecting to the Internet

Headline 5: AI-Generated ART?!?

Headline 6: Things on the Internet that are DEAD

Voice Over Artist: Jorge Hernandez

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