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The Palm Beach Podcasters supports both new and established podcasters in Palm Beach County and the surrounding area wanting to expand and strengthen their shows. If you are already podcasting, then we invite you to share your experiences, learning lessons, and tips with our rapidly growing community. If you’ve toyed with the notion of starting your own podcast, then this is the place to be. You’ll be able to get expert advice and avoid the common pitfalls for rookie podcasters.


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Hosted by John Hawkins Jr. and Paul Desmond Adams

Listen and Discover The Key: The Unseen Force Holding You Back

Unlock your maximum potential​ and live a life with purpose, passion, and prosperity. Discover and overcome this powerful force, and your success will no longer be a struggle, but instead flow from you with ease. No, really…

The Key unlocks your maximum potential by changing your neurology, biology, and psychology. Overcoming your internal blocks to success are not found around you…. They are found within you.

Hosted by Daisy Cedeno

Bilingual Radio / Television Personality / Producer.

She is the producer and Host of Hispanic In America Show, Al Dia Con Daisy & Que Tal Miami.

She is a News Reporter for several radio stations in the east coast in South Florida, Boston,Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

She has a masters in Leadership and a bachelor in Organizational management from Palm Beach Atlantic University. She is also a graduate from Connecticut School of Broadcasting.

Broadcasts LIVE 12:00-2:00 PM ET on BlogTalkRadio

The Andrew Powell Show’ pres. by Study Abroad Diva is not your typical sports show… Not only do you get your sports and expert sports journalism, but laughter is a formula mixed into the show as Andrew doesn’t take sports seriously at all, even though he’s a professional newspaper journalist and radio host. With Bill from Long Island bashing everything and everybody in his path and Chiofalo making himself look ridiculous, Andrew has all of the ammo in the world to go after his co-hosts which makes for radio gold. But there’s also a serious side to ‘The Andrew Powell Show’, including discussions of race, politics and social issues relating to sports. One of the most unique sports radio talk shows you will ever hear. ‘The Andrew Powell Show’ is broadcasted LIVE 12:00-2:00 PM ET on BlogTalkRadio,

TuneIn | iTunes | syndicated on WBLZ Sports, 3:00-5:00 PM ET

Hosted by Heidi Rabinowitz

The Book of Life, an audio interview show about Jewish books, music, film and web.

Hosted by Randy Savage

I actually host, produce and edit a podcast for dolphinstalk.com. My name is Randy Constance my email is Randyconstance2@gmail.com and i currently reside in Miami, Fl. My telephone number is (786)440-3588.
Dolphins Talk is a Miami Dolphins fan podcast. We talk about the dolphins from events to game to transactions.

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