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Glenn and Jaime continue their head-to-head Geek vs. Gamer competition from Palm Beach to Dade County. They will flip out over high scores in pinball, try to beat an escape room bomber, and dive into a classic video game venue that serves up craft beer. Conclude our gaming adventure and see who wins: Geek or Gamer!! Listen in…

Finding Florida Podcast Episode 10c:

Silverball Pinball Museum, West Palm Beach Escape Rooms, and Tenth Level Tavern

Tour Guide:  Jaime “Jemmy” Legagneur, Co-Host and Chief Enthusiasm officer:

Tour Guide: Glenn the Geek, Co-Host and Chief Fun Officer:

Link to Sound File for Sight Impaired: Click Here

Pic Credit:  Finding Florida Podcast

Guest: Marcel, Technical Manager from the Silverball Pinball Museum

Guests: Dr. Lawrence “Larry” Weinstein (Founder) and Randi D’Alena (Regional Director) of West Palm Beach Escape Rooms

Guests: Joey Cammisa, Owner of Tenth Level Tavern

Special Thanks to: Jaime’s brother, Gerard, for being our scorekeeper

Additional Support Provided by: Pizza Girls

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Our Adventure Agenda for Episodes 10b & 10c:


Playing BBall Shootout, Skeeball, Space Invaders, XD Dark Ride, and Bazooka Blast, getting a tour, and downing some milk shakes at Xtreme Action Park

Flipping out over pinball games at the Silverball Museum

Beating the clock and breaking free at West Palm Beach Escape Rooms

Friends & Fans Meetup:

Classic video games and cocktails at Tenth Level Tavern

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