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Finding Florida – Episode 26: The Essentials of Wrestling, Plus Justine Griffin Reports from the Tampa Bay Times

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We chat about what surprising activity Governor DeSantis has deemed an essential business. Then, Justine Griffin from the Tampa Bay Times joins us to talk about coronavirus’ impact on Florida–in particular, one of its BIGGEST industries, restaurants like her dad’s in New Port Richey. Then, to help us all through this quarantine craziness, she’ll share a Florida-inspired drink from a clip from HER podcast, Heels Down Happy Hour on Horse Radio Network. Plus, we’ll have new segments for listener favorites, Community Clipboard and Florid-DUH. And, with some Found Footage, we take a quick trip down memory lane that lands us in the middle of current pop fame. Listen in…

Finding Florida Podcast Episode 26:

Link to Sound File for Sight Impaired: Click Here

Featured Pic Credit: Finding Florida Podcast

Guest: Justine Griffin from Tampa Bay Times and Heels Down Magazine

Links for Tampa Bay Times: Justine’s post about her dad’s restaurant in New Port Richey | More Coronavirus Coverage | Click to Subscribe

Heels Down Happy Hour’s Flori-bama Bushwacker: Heels Down Happy Hour 68: The Quarantine Episode

Link: Florida Podcast Network’s Coronavirus Coverage | Hang out with us in FPN Insiders on Facebook

Link: Florida Designates Pro Wrestling ‘Essential Business’

Link: Stop fighting at Costco: Here’s how to avoid being the worst person in quarantine

Found Footage Episode: Episode 7c: BONUS – Big Cat Rescue

Link: Florida mom says fourth grade son’s Zoom class was interrupted by porn

Link: Jared Richter’s parking lot panty mask video

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For FULL show notes (including pics), click the pic:

Here the unbelievable moment from Episode 7c, when we visited Big Cat Rescue!

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