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Law Enforcement Today – It’s A Miracle He Survived, Shot 6 Times In The Line of Duty and Died 3 Times During Surgery

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Crime and Trauma Stories from Those Who Have Been There

It’s A Miracle He Survived, was Shot 6 Times In The Line of Duty, and Died 3 Times During Surgery. Mario Olivera tells his story and details the unique path that
led to writing and publishing the book “Gunrunner”.

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Do you believe in miracles? His story can only be described as a miracle. Mario Olivera, a retired Police Officer makes a return appearance as our guest. While assigned to the ATF he was shot by a suspect 6 times. Medical reports state that he died three times during treatment.

Mario talks about the shooting, and the out-of-body experiences he had during his medical treatment, that coincided with the reported clinical deaths. He also talks about his long physical and mental recovery, and the impacts it had on him and his family, from the extreme physical wounds and PTSD. Mario also discusses his difficulty getting retirement and the amazing conversation he had with another retired Law Enforcement Officer that led to the writing of the book “Gunrunner The Mario Olivera Story“.

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