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Florida’s History and Mystery from a Teen’s Perspective, hosted out of

North Port

Gen iZZY: Beyond Ordinary is the show that takes you into the beyond… Well, beyond what you may expect from the ordinary kid. Your host, young teen Izzy Jay, introduces you to some of Florida’s most interesting, inspiring, and game-changing kids and teens who are impacting our communities!

Izzy Jay will have profound conversations with these other amazing Florida Gen Zers and dive into their generation’s deep thoughts on all kinds of topics from pop culture to the paranormal.

Deep thoughts and dad jokes!

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  • "First if all...I miss your laugh. Second, I met Gerard once and he was funny and charming and of course, smart. He's just like I remember. I rarely find the time to listen to podcasts. But I am going to make the time to listen to this!"

    Laure, on Fresh Mix
    Laure, on Fresh Mix Rossford, OH
  • "This was fantastic, Jaime Legagneur! I got a chance to know your brother a bit through the musicals (Into the Woods, comes to mind). He still went by Gerry at that time! I loved hearing your laugh on this, the photos are beyond amazing, and the stories were great. I wanted to send you both hearty congrats on a fabulous intro episode, and best wishes for continued success."

    Nini, on Fresh Mix
    Nini, on Fresh Mix Cleveland, Ohio
  • "Just listened to the Welcome Interview. Enjoyed it so much. Loved the reminiscing about Boca Academy and Pine Crest! Those were the days. Learned many things about Gerard! Had forgotten that you went to Columbia Law - my son did as well. I will definitely listen each time. Great job!"

    Liz, on Fresh Mix
    Liz, on Fresh Mix Boynton Beach, FL
  • Jaime - just got back from Podfest and wanted to say, great job!

    Ryan Taylor Rose
    Ryan Taylor Rose Director of Sales & Partnership Development, Syracuse University
  • "I'm a huge fan of Florida craft beer!"

    Donnie, FPN Insider
    Donnie, FPN Insider Tampa
  • "What I love most about living in Florida is the work life culture; it’s so much easier to get the work/life balance that I want... and I love both equally!"

    Supna, FPN Insider
    Supna, FPN Insider Palm Harbor
  • "It may be cliche, but my favorite thing about Florida is definitely Disney World (followed closely by Universal Studios)."

    Danielle, FPN Insider
    Danielle, FPN Insider Bradenton
  • "Born and raised in Miami and my favorite thing about Florida is the culture, food, and landscape."

    Vicky, FPN Insider
    Vicky, FPN Insider Miami
  • "I'm from New Jersey! Do I really need to tell you what I love about the Sunshine State?!"

    Zack, FPN Insider
    Zack, FPN Insider Florida
  • "I have just settled in Florida in October--hopefully for a long time! So far, I love Florida winters!"

    Stephanie, FPN Insider
    Stephanie, FPN Insider Homosassa
  • "Every show makes me want to go on all these adventures!"

    Kimberly on Finding Florida
    Kimberly on Finding Florida Orange, California
  • "I love when you play the Florida jingle from the 70's."

    Rhonda, FPN Insider on Finding Florida
    Rhonda, FPN Insider on Finding Florida Whitby, Ontario, Canada
  • "I'm from Wakulla and finishing grad school in St. Pete. Both places are pretty awesome--Wakulla for its natural awesomeness, and St. Pete for its "hipster cool." St. Pete is great for bars, restaurants, and the arts."

    Alan, FPN Insider
    Alan, FPN Insider Wakulla County
  • "I especially love the northern gulf coast, from Cedar Key through Port St. Joe - so much natural Florida that has not been yet developed that people need to see to believe."

    Rachel, FPN Insider
    Rachel, FPN Insider Wakulla County
  • "I love that I can wear flip flops year-round in Florida. Even on cold days like today!"

    Howard, FPN Insider
    Howard, FPN Insider Orlando
  • "Super fun and entertaining to listen to! I’m learning so much about my favorite state! Thanks guys!"

    Courtney on Finding Florida
    Courtney on Finding Florida Florida
  • "I truly luv these podcasts...great memories for me!"

    Ellen on Finding Florida
    Ellen on Finding Florida Manhattan
  • "I love these two! Glenn and Jaime have put together an amazing show all about having fun in Florida. But they also are huge champions of the art of podcasting and helping the rest of us be the best we can at whatever we do. Thank you both!"

    Desmond on Finding Florida
    Desmond on Finding Florida Jupiter
  • "So many laughs and insights shared by Jaime and her interesting guests, i love listening to the podcasts on my commute."

    Nixy on Curve the Cube
    Nixy on Curve the Cube West Palm Beach
  • "This is a little lift that we've needed to get our podcast out there to the masses."

    Nancy on The Florida Podcast Directory
    Nancy on The Florida Podcast Directory Host, Nail the Sale

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