Cody CrabbProduction Assistant

    Cody Crabb

    Production Assistant

    West Jordan, UT, USA


    Cody’s Bio:

    Cody’s background is in music production, and he attended Snow College for Music Production, aspiring to be a film composer. Quickly realizing his skills in audio transferred well to podcasts, he often edited for podcasts as a side hustle while working various odd jobs.

    In 2018 Cody co-created Create Loud, a podcast to inspire people to live their dreams. He worked as a social media manager for a group of YouTubers with over 2 million subscribers, before combining his love for podcasting and social media into his position at Flint Stone Media. He loves learning amazing things (did you know that bees can taste with their feet?) and film scores. Cody lives in Salt Lake City with his wife and son.

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