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John Jay WileyHost, Law Enforcement Today

From Street Cop to Music Radio Personality and Syndicated Radio Talk Show and Podcast Host. John Jay Wiley is a retired Baltimore Police Sergeant. He was retired young due to permanent line of duty disabling injuries that happened during an act of violence. John moved to Florida in 1997 and began pursuing a career in audio broadcasting with a focus on radio shortly after. He has been a full-time FM Music Radio DJ for almost two decades. His FM Radio career has included mornings in Lake City – Gainesville, afternoons in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC, and currently Mid Days in Key West and the Florida Keys. In addition to his music radio career, his syndicated weekly talk show and podcast he is also a radio and podcasting instructor.


The Law Enforcement Today Radio Show and Podcast is based in Florida. It started as a podcast only in 2017 and was recruited by radio. It is a syndicated radio show broadcast weekly on numerous US radio stations to a combined population of millions.

Crime and Trauma stories from those that have been there. It is a True Crime Show, a Law Enforcement Officer Show and a Human Interest show all in one. Get a glimpse of life behind the badge, investigations of true crimes, violence they encounter and experience. Law enforcement officers, first responders, military veterans, victims of crime and their families tell their stories of the trauma they experienced mostly regarding True Crime incidents. They also talk about how they built their new lives they wanted afterwards. While many people think the show is about Law Enforcement Training, or Law Enforcement specific topis, it is not, think of True Crime Podcasts with a twist.

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