Monique FordBusiness Administrator

    Monique Ford

    Business Administrator

    Ft.Lauderdale, FL, USA

    Monique’s Bio:

    Monique Ford graduated from Florida International University with a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and a minor in business communications. She was born and raised in South Florida. However, in her earlier years attended Primary school for a brief period in the United Kingdom #FUNFACT

    Prior to joining the Flint Stone Media crew, Monique worked in various corporate businesses in the for-profit and nonprofit sector and most recently started her own handmade jewelry line called Queen Essentials.

    As a mom of a teenage boy and soon-to-be mom of a baby girl, Monique enjoys spending time with her family, crafting, photography, and traveling. Her favorite places to visit are Italy and Dubai!
    Monique is happy to be a part of the Flint Stone Media team and is looking forward to working on different podcasts!

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